The Physical Body 

This training is for yoga teachers, doulas, labor and delivery nurses, childbirth educators and midwives interested in teaching prenatal yoga as well pregnant women interested in deepening their knowledge and practice. After successful completion of training, assisting and ten hours of homework, you will receive your certificate. BabyMoon certification and 30 teaching hours must be completed to register with Yoga Alliance. 

  • Subtle body anatomy: koshas, nadis, prana vyus and chakras
  • Yoga philosophy and the primal period
  • The effects of emotions and thoughts on pregnancy and birth
  • Breathing and pranayama
  • Prenatal yoga sadhana including pelvic bodywork, kegels, pain coping techniques and vocalization
  • Visualizations, shivasana and meditation for pregnancy and birth  
  • Personal belief systems and teaching
  • Use of language, metaphor, storytelling and mythology
  • Sequencing a prenatal class
  • Theming a prenatal class
  • Hand-on adjustments
  • Teaching effective visualization utilizing right and left brain
  • Practice teaching 

The Subtle Body 

Teaching Methodology

  • The physiology of pregnancy and birth
  • Anatomy of the pelvis, pelvic floor and optimal fetal positioning
  • Changes in mother and baby in each trimester
  •  Asana modifications, indicated and contraindicated asanas
  •  Alignment and safety for pregnancy
  • Pregnancy discomforts

Prenatal Yoga Training

  • The History of childbirth
  • Interventions and medical practices
  • Yoga in labor and birth
  • High risk pregnancy including multiples
  • Pregnancy loss 
  • Medical complications
  • Attachment Theory


Parker Gastelu

Deepen Your Knowledge