Parker Gastelu

What People have said about BabyMoon Classes and Trainings... 

​​“When I say that you changed my life that weekend, I am not overstating. I came out of that training more committed to my own practice than ever but much more than that, empowered to take control of my pregnancy…Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. My husband and family are 100 percent with me and eager for the beautiful/painful/spiritual experience to come. Again, my eternal thanks for the knowledge and preparation you have given me and I wish you and your family health, happiness and joy!”
- Jenny 

"I'm sure that you've received an overwhelmingly positive response to this past weekend's workshop, but I wanted to add my "rave review." Although I am not a parent, I feel very connected to the experience of pregnancy, due to your energy, passion and wisdom...My only regret is that the workshop was limited to two days, only...Thank you for your commitment to what is undoubtedly the most important issue facing our world: the future that we can envision for our children and that they will build from what we give to them." – Cindi 

"Your prenatal training has been a blessing. You are truly empowering, passionate and inspirational! Your enthusiasm and cutting edge information really helped me feel prepared for the process of pregnancy, birthing and motherhood….I look forward to passing this wisdom ontoothers! I can't thank you enough for your honest and straightforward approach, and for encouraging us to unconditionally follow our hearts and minds at all stages of our journey!" - Ilene 

"Thank-you so much for the excellent instruction and fascinating information you provided last night! Your passion for the subject matter was both apparent and contagious. You are very inspirational. You presented pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood as a beautiful natural process, and did so in a very honest and straight forward manner. Thank-you!” - Havilah 

"I just wanted to thank you again for an informative, empowering week-end! I appreciated your candor and your passion most of all. I closed on my house this week, and listening to you speak (i.e.,"you birth your baby") helped me to find the power to own this move in ways I know would not have happened had you not inspired me. Thank you. 'In-spire -- to be filled with breath.' You are truly an inspiration. Your daughters are lucky to have such a strong mom!” - Lisa 

“I was a part of your prenatal teacher training this past weekend at Yoga Works and just wanted to say thank you. Your enthusiasm and energy for yoga, prenatal care, and childbirth are truly contagious and made me excited to teach prenatal yoga without the fear I used to have. I am greatly looking forward to the next weekend in the spring”. - Sarah 

“I just wanted to extend my gratitude or sharing all your knowledge and inspiration in the workshop this past weekend. I was so moved by your presence and delivery of the information…You were able to offer such a beautiful new perspective on pregnancy and birth.” - Pamela 

“I just want to say thank you so much for the workshop. I never imagined I would learn so much; I figured it would be mostly indicated and contraindicated asanas but I was very pleasantly surprised. My whole outlook on pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood has truly changed.” 
- Nityda