Eastern mindfulness practices that identify and re-condition negative belief systems and encourage women to be present for their babies. 
Personal transformation because women birth as they live; prenatal yoga offers a chance for personal growth in preparation for birth andmotherhood.

powers of bleeding, birthing, healing and dying. Women were taught the art of spiritual healing from their female elders. This collective women's wisdom was different  from the more masculine practice of yoga with which we are familiar today. It is more celebratory, is rooted in spontaneous ecstatic experience and honors the female body and female sexuality.

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Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Female-centered ancient yoga practices focusing on transcendence through ecstatic experience; one in which you transcend your ordinary self.

Vinyasa Yoga which celebrates the natural rhythms of the universe. Rhythm is the mantra of motherhood: contractions, suckling, breathing, swaying, singing, dancing, sleeping and waking.

Traditional women's healing arts including midwives, priestesses, wise women, herbalists, shamans, spiritual healers and yoginis, founded upon a deep connection to nature and an honoring of the human body.


Parker Gastelu

The time has  come now to reclaim a more feminine vision of yoga. Women are more in need than ever before to gain this ancient knowledge. It is our birthright. There are few traditional rituals left in modern culture that prepare women for motherhood. Though they may not name it, women feel this abandonment as a fear of their bodies, a disconnection from their maternal instincts and an inability to recognize ecstatic experience.    
These ancient healers blended their knowledge from many sources to create a holistic model of care that nurtures and empowers the body, the mind and the spirit. In this tradition, BabyMoon Prenatal Yoga draws upon many sources that are both ancient and modern and include:

Rituals are actions done with deep awareness and dedication to a higher purpose that opens the door to the sacred. These rituals include movement, breath work, chanting, mantra, visualization, meditation and relaxation techniques. 

Conscious birth movement which prepares women for active childbirth in which she is empowered and respected, she is responsible for the choices she makes about her birth and she has increased self-esteem from the experience.

Poetry, storytelling and mythology which can be a useful tool to encourage wisdom, inspiration and transformation. 

Attachment theory which is taken from western psychology and encourages women  to follow their instincts in meeting their babies needs. 

Modern medicine and science which has provided invaluable information from numerous areas including

brain  science, anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth and obstetric problems and interventions. 

BabyMoon Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is an 85-Hour Training and registered Prenatal Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. Upon completion, teachers register as a Prenatal Yoga Specialist.

Babymoon Prenatal Yoga draws upon the ancient women healers who honored and observed the sacred cycles of nature and the power of the feminine. Long ago there existed a widespread female-centered communal yoga practice celebrating the natural